Scientists around the world are measuring disturbing trends. It is very clear from the data that humans are in deep shit. Currently we are living through the planet’s 6th mass extinction event. The ecosystems upon which we depend are retreating as humans take over more and more of the Earth.

Scientists and leading environmental organizations like the Global Footprint Network, BioRegional and WWF have shown that we are currently using 3 planet’s worth of resources every year. This ecological debt manifests as collapsing fish stocks, disappearing rainforests, the loss of biodiversity and ever growing climate risk. The only solution is to use radically less resources. This is a sobering thought when you consider that the population is set to increase to 9 billion by 2050.

Either we radically change society now or our civilisation will collapse like many others before us. We have already started to see the storms, wildfires, droughts and other extreme events that are making life on our planet increasingly difficult. Lets not wait for corporate military forces to start fighting it out over dwindling resources. There is still time to take the power back and live differently. Individual actions are important (consuming less, growing food, composting etc) but we need widespread political action to change society.

Working together citizens can achieve a higher quality of life, redistribute wealth, whilst ensuring we preserve the natural world. Let’s do this!

don't fuck my planet