Stroke of Insight

The left side of our brain is analytical and overbearing; it processes in series. We spend most of our time planning and considering the past and future. The right side of our brain is a parallel processor. It enables us to feel everything in the ‘now’. Could global peace and sustainability as well as personal […]

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kony 2012

Reflections on Kony

To the hegemonic military-industry of the West, we are made to believe that the black children of Uganda, like the women of India, or the gay and lesbian activists of Palestine, remain voiceless, visible but silent, waiting to be liberated by the very forces that have entrenched, subsidized and exacerbate their historic oppression.

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Tax Dollars At War

If saving human life is the game then you have to wish P-Diddy, Rihanna and the other legion of Kony Phonies would direct their formidable energy and talents towards halting the war machine causing the most harm globally. Lets see American kids addressing the misdeeds of their own government before demanding it sends in the […]

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