aerotoxic syndrome

Flying is bad for your health (AKA Aerotoxic Syndrome)

Transcendent toxic pathogenesis of chemical-exposures inexplicably exceeding their customary characteristics play an ever-larger role in human health in this era of pervasive pollution and chemical assault. Nanopathology may be the key to demystifying modern immune system disorders such as Aerotoxic Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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The Fourth Revolution: Energy Autonomy

The Fourth Revolution: Energy, also known as Die 4. Revolution – Energy Autonomy, is a German documentary film by Carl-A. Fechner, released in 2010. It shows the vision of a global society, which lives in a world where the energy is produced 100% with renewable energies, showing a complete reconstruction of the economy, to reach […]

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Diamond Skull

This Economy Is Killing Our Planet So Lets Kill This Economy

We do have the power to bring this economy down but we have to build the alternative. We can vote for it by spending differently and investing in our own alternative economies and by boycotting corporations and governments. The ultimate crash is coming and when it does the investments we have made locally in the […]

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