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Diamond Skull

This Economy Is Killing Our Planet So Lets Kill This Economy

We do have the power to bring this economy down but we have to build the alternative. We can vote for it by spending differently and investing in our own alternative economies and by boycotting corporations and governments. The ultimate crash is coming and when it does the investments we have made locally in the […]

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Bill McKibben gets arrested

America arrests its future

Amoral individuals driven by greed have been handed unfathomable extra wealth and the unsustainable economy has been given fresh gas to splutter forward for a few years longer. In contrast, Bill Mckibben, who has the knowledge, skills and experience to shift the country decisively towards a healthy, sustainable future in which citizens can flourish has […]

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Fresh Air Flash Mob Debrief

Yesterday evening a group of us met up with Climate Rush in a London square. After a couple of brief rousing speeches we cycled to one of London’s busiest and most polluted junctions and reclaimed it from the cars. Lying on the floor with the pressure of four lanes of motorized traffic baring down, irate […]

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Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 15.18.24

ATTENTION HUMANS! Planetary boundaries ahead!

Johan Rockstrom introduces us to the physical reality of life on this planet. Our home is finite and the current human growth paradigm is ending. We now have an exciting decade; an opportunity to change direction and change behavior. His research has found nine “planetary boundaries” that can guide us in protecting our planet’s many […]

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Legalize weed,

A simple solution to the deficit… legalize the weed!

The main problem with prohibiting drugs is that it immediately criminalize the millions of citizens who, in most cases harmlessly, use them. Also, society loses the £5 billion in revenue available through their taxation. Worse of all though, we hand this massive global trade to the black market. This hands vast wealth to criminal gangs, […]

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