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Pussy Whippin’ Putin

Pussy Riot’s colorful, collaborative creativity is not just the best antidote to Putin but the best antidote to the whole dangerous industrial machine as it grasps to gobble and destroy the last remaining stands of nature. The radical flip to an ecological society requires free and empowered citizens to manifest their power locally.

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Glencore Blimey

Glencore provides a text book example of how deregulated, laissez-faire capitalism gives rise to out-of-control corporate monoliths that sidestep national laws to maximize their concentration of wealth whilst reducing the well being of millions of people and decimating the planet’s ecology. Small is beautiful.

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Horror for Heroes

People who donate money to Help for Heroes are not only backing our government’s immoral and unsustainable decision to fight resource wars they are paying an additional (albeit optional) war tax. Furthermore, when they stick their sicker up they are voluntarily furthering the propaganda. Both actions increase the chances of young soldiers from this country being exposed to the horrors of war and prolongs our unsustainable dependency on foreign lands to sustain our way of life.

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The Fourth Revolution: Energy Autonomy

The Fourth Revolution: Energy, also known as Die 4. Revolution – Energy Autonomy, is a German documentary film by Carl-A. Fechner, released in 2010. It shows the vision of a global society, which lives in a world where the energy is produced 100% with renewable energies, showing a complete reconstruction of the economy, to reach this goal.

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