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How often do you see a product or a product advert that annoys you? Our shared space has been systematically sold off and now we are subjected to a barrage of advertising messages as soon as we leave home. Much of this messaging may promote products that are unhealthy for us or harmful for the planet. Is this ok?

obeyOver-consumption drives environmental degradation. We should be consuming less, sharing more, slowing down the economy, spending more time with friends and family, growing food and enjoying life. Instead, we are whipped by corporations, their political lackeys and the warped cultural imperative driving economic growth. Work harder! Buy more! Don’t pause to think or enjoy life! Obey!!

This ubiquitous bullshit propaganda is wearing thin. Only a rat can win a rat race. We need to exert enough political pressure to change the rules of the game so citizens get a better deal and higher quality of life. After the revolution we can regulate and break up corporations bringing their impacts under control so that the biosphere can recover.

In the meantime, enter the Do Not Buy Sticker. This handy tool intercepts and disrupts harmful corporate messaging – on the product, at the point of sale or on an advert. This registers disapproval in a satisfying way and communicates to other passers-by that there is harm associated with this corporate mind-fuck.

Here are some examples of good places to whack up a sticker. Please send in a photo of your best hits.

Lupack + sticker

Lurpack – we all like good, homely cooking but why yank heart strings to hawk Danish butter in England? Why would we pay to ship it over the North Sea when we can make great butter more locally? Anyway, its the global economy that has blown community in the West apart! 

Evian + sticker

Evian – in what way is drinking water out of a plastic bottle going to make us younger!? The plastic leaches phthalates making it much healthier to drink fresh natural water – or straight from the tap. Plus – why drive water from the Alps to the UK? The pollution released from that unnecessary movement of goods drives climate change and acidifies the ocean – youthful my spotty botty. [More on water here]

air freshner + sticker

Naturess!!?? WTF!? Like our homes are not already filled with enough synthetic, carcinogenic chemicals? Now you want us to plug in a nasty device made in China that will pump more chemicals around? I don’t care what it smells of – get that shitty over-packaged product out of my face… and how dare you call it Naturess you perverts?!


Top Shop + sticker

Top Shop – don’t use that poor girl to sell products. Take her down the pie shop and give her some munch. Jeeeezus… you are bumming us all out at this end whilst ruining the lives of the poor slave children you have hunched over sewing machines in Asia.

bp + sticker

BP – you filthy, lying bastards. You market yourselves and Beyond Petroleum while casually ripping a whole in the earth and spilling millions of gallons of oil in the sea. You have the money to take renewables to the next level but you would rather horde the black gold. Stick this up your logo!






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