The Global Renewable Energy Electricity Network

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One World. One Energy. One Per Cent.

The interconnection of the world’s emerging mega-renewable projects could form a planetary energy grid to provide a permanent supply of abundant clean energy to end hunger, poverty, pollution and war.

Ben Christie


By Ben Christie (email)

Independent Renewable Energy Consultant


  1. GREEN stands for the “Global Renewable Energy Electricity Network”GREEN is a global grid linking together the world’s abundant sources of renewable energy, delivering clean energy to every country on the planet.
  2. GREEN addresses climate change, poverty and sustainability.
  3. GREEN costs 1% of global GDP per year and will take 20 years to complete.
  4. GREEN is spending better not more: we already spend more on polluting and finite conventional energy and subsidies.
  5. GREEN is co-operative and equitable: each country pays for and receives energy in direct proportion to its needs.
  6. GREEN is already happening: DESERTEC in EU-MENA. The Repower Initiative in the U.S. GCCIA in the Middle East.
  7. GREEN’s network is already 75% complete: existing national grids only need to be linked together by long distance transmission lines.
  8. GREEN will be public commons: paid for, constructed and managed by an independent supervisory body; funded by individual tax contribution delivered by national governments.
  9. GREEN’s vision: “One World. One Energy. One Per Cent.” A renewable energy network for the entire planet. Paid for equitably by all. Used by and shared between the entire global population.

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