KIN – re-wild your world

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Come help reimagine the future of the world with us at KIN. It’s a very big living experiment happening at the Arnolfini in Bristol on 8-11 November, 2018. On this weekend, Bristol will take over the running of the world from the current leaders for just four days – and re-design it, with kindness at it’s core. Everybody is invited.

In the new world we’re building, we’ll have to be kind to all species: animal, vegetable and minerals included. KIN is an unmissable event for those that want to re-wild themselves and the world. It’ll  also  be  a  hotbed  of  progressive  thinking  and  conversation  on  activism, new economics and wellbeing. We  all  share  a  common interest  in  rewriting  the  story  of  the  future  as  an antidote  to  any  feelings  of  hopelessness  or  despair.

Mother Earth’s Polly Higgins will be talking about why hurting the environment should be enshrined in criminal law, Mac Macartney will be launching his book, The Children’s Fire, as well as discussing re-wilding the self in a panel with 16-year-old Bangladeshi bird-watcher Birdgirl and herbalist Rachel Corby, a screening of Donna Haraway’s Story Telling for Earthly Survival, a Feral Choir, and workshops: Advaya Initiative will be helping us re-enchant ourselves with everyday life, and herbalist Rachel Corby will be giving us a step-by-step on rewilding the self.

Join Ayana Young in her North American base (via the internet) to chat with her about the radically thoughtful and kind web platform and podcast show she hosts called For The WildTea Master Rui Liu will be using tea as a medium for connection, in her traditional Chinese tea ceremonies. Founder of the Transition movement Rob Hopkins will be discussing the importance of imagination in his talk, Make Britain Imaginative Again, and join us for an Immersive Chocolate Experience with Understory, a story told in the dark about what it is to be human through what it is to taste. On Friday evening, we’ll be practicing radical and entangled ecologies in our post-human party, a communion of interbeings, with performances from Slimetime and fatberg drag star Miss Hernia.

Throughout the weekend, as it turns to evening, KIN will be taken over by DJs, musicians and artists. On Friday: a posthuman party with live art from Sara Zaltash, interspecies drag make-overs, DJ sets from DJ HARAM and BBC6’s Tom Ravenscroft. On Saturday night: KRUST previews his first new music in 15 years, plus shows from emerging international power group GRRRLMC XanderDJ Dad and more. Sunday evening signs off with music grounded in place and beamed up to space: folk dynasty Martin and Eliza Carthy share a bill with afrofuturist beatmaker Ras G, Ethiopian Jazz legend Hailu Mergia and Bristol’s Ishmael Ensemble.

Lighting a fire in our bellies, KIN is not just a party, but a toolkit for thinking about kinship and kindness. Come for the weekend, the talks, the workshops; leave with actions to bring out into our wider communities and ways to re-wild your everyday life. Find out more about KIN, here.

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