The Secrets of Food Marketing Exposed

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Compassion in World Farming is banned from advertising on TV(!) because this is deemed too “political”, so they asked supporters to challenge this ludicrous ban by funding the creation of a film that would show the spin used by food marketers to sell people factory farmed food.

Well over 5,000 people pitched in with donations to get the video made. After being shared by Upworthy and many other platforms it has now been viewed nearly 9M times.

The film shows how food marketing can easily disguise factory farmed products where animals are kept caged, crammed and confined. Many people continue to be shocked to see the tricks used to get people to buy stuff they wouldn’t otherwise want. It just goes to underline the need for those selling factory farmed meat and milk to own up and put an honest label on it.

No amount of marketing makes factory farming acceptable.

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