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Intraterrestrial. A Fleeting Contact. Teaser Trailer from Dolphin Embassy on Vimeo.


“…They do not built megacities, do not improve amenities, do not protect property, they are indifferent to technology, business and politics. They have no economic reforms, peace-keepers with guns, priests on the payroll, no private possessions, and no immovable property. They do not make things immovable – for them the idea itself is equivalent to death. Instead of charity, they have compassion; instead of diplomacy – sincerity; instead of museums – live art; instead of power stations – direct contact with energy…”

The Shore and the Ocean. The frozen and the fluid. The artificial and the genuine.
Humans and dolphins. Two ways of life. Two mentalities.
A dialogue about two world-systems. Is contact possible between them?
Intraterrestrial – inhabitants of the Earth – not us OR them, but us WITH them.

A teaser trailer for a new documentary by Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky.
Underwater cinematographers: René Heuzey, Rafa Herrero Massieu
On land cinematographers: Maxim Drozdov, Victoria Fortunina
Music used in the trailer: Arkady Shilkloper

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