EcoHustler Podcast 001 – Bruce Parry

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This has been a long time coming! EcoHustler has been rolling since 2009 and many friends and contributors have suggested a podcast series. Thank you for your encouragement!

Bruce Parry is a inspirational man and a personal hero. Aside from making his fantastic BBC TV documentaries (Tribe, Amazon, and Arctic) he is an author, activist, indigenous rights advocate, explorer and general man of action. Bruce has spent the last few years making an incredible independent documentary film called TAWAI – A voice from the forest. When I was given the chance to interview Bruce for the site about the film I knew this was the moment to go podcast. A massive thank you to Bruce for his time.

TAWAI – A voice from the forest is a brilliant film. It is a deep and profound meditation on the state of the world today and how this may have been brought about by changes in how we think. Bruce is obviously no stranger to indigenous ways of life but it is poignant to the point of being tragic that at the centre of the film are the Penan people of Borneo who may be the world’s last truly nomadic tribe. As their way of life comes under threat from a pipeline we are challenged to face the reality of what is happening to our world.

Please forgive any sound issues for Podcast 001. All feedback and suggestions very welcome.

To find out where you can see Bruce’s film – go here.

Bruce and Matt in Bristol



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