One World Bearing Witness 

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One World Bearing Witness will be the first global online-live ritual, integrating a deep global vision of one humanity in all its differences, an opening for healing, and a sacred and art-full expression of our shared existence on Earth. The event is free and is being supported by grassroots funding, donations, in-kind contributions, and the incredibly generous gift of free labor from volunteers who really want this event to happen. (If you would like to donate, please click here.)

One World Bearing Witness is a project of One World in Dialogue, which is a global initiative of emerge bewusstseinskultur e.V. (emerge consciousness-culture). emerge is a charitable education association located in Frankfurt, Germany, that also publishes a well-regarded magazine, evolve, about human consciousness and cultural development. Elizabeth Debold, Ed.D., is the founder of One World in Dialogue, and has initiated One World Bearing Witness. She is joined by Thomas Steininger, Ph.D., the co-founder of One World in Dialogue and the vision leader of emerge bewusstseinskultur. Annette Loy is co-designing and curating One World Bearing Witness, and manages the project. (More biographical information can be found below.)

You are Invited

During this 24-hour online vigil, you will travel virtually from the Philippines to Hawai’i,from the Canadian plains to the African desert, touching down on “acupuncture points” on the body of our wounded world where you can participate in healing rituals and ceremonies guided by courageous individuals who offer to transform our divisions by working for a deeper reconciliation and peace.

Your hosts, Dr. Thomas Steininger and Dr. Elizabeth Debold, will introduce you to wisdom keepers from many lineages who will guide you into a deep recognition that we are not separate, and your hosts will also provide you with a seat in ceremony circles around the world where ritual holders are working to heal critical divisions in the human psyche and family.

We welcome you to participate in any or all of the 24-hours, as long as you feel drawn to take part.

You can bear witness and take part by:
  • Meditating with gifted spiritual teachers and practitioners from different traditions,
  • Realizing the remarkable depth of Oneness in a global meditation field,
  • Sitting with different communities and elders that invite you to take part in ancient and contemporary rituals to deepen our connection with each other and with earth,
  • Allowing yourself to be touched by the stories and ceremonies of healing and reconciliation,
  • Standing in solidarity with groups around the world that are working to heal the wounds of war and conflict,
  • Offering your own ideas and inspiration to help heal the past and forge a wholesome future,
  • Sharing your experiences with others from around the world, and
  • Developing a greater capacity to hold unity-in-diversity as one whole.
You are needed:

This is a global experiment that needs your concern, heart, depth, and vision to be realized. Your real-time engagement as a Witness Bearer will make it possible to create a global ritual space on this planet in which thousands bear witness to the Light and Truth of Unity in the face of the inhumanity, destructiveness, and historical wrongs that human beings have done to each other and to life on Earth. By holding this whole of the human experience together – not as a concept or idea but as a felt resonance within the field of consciousness that participants will be in together – we create a new potential for healing and connection within humanity.

Take part in this free, global vigil for humanity:


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