Sacred Sexuality & Spiritual Awakening

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Sanna’s true passion is to explore life and our full capacity as human beings. She believes we are powerful beyond measure, but that most of us grow into this world programmed into a narrow idea of how life, and we, should be. Conditioned by society, religion, history and other belief systems, we come to live only a fraction of the potential inherent in us. Have you ever thought about that, or had the sense that there could be so much more to life?

Healthy Sexuality

Sanna wishes to guide and support men and women to journey deeper into themselves and release that which stands in their way to a fuller expression. She wants to bring light into the shadows, and especially into sexuality; a vital force sadly and dangerously repressed in our society, resulting in layers of debilitating shame and guilt. When we step into our true power as humans and reclaim our sexual energy – the true source of creativity –  it benefits not only ourselves, but those around us and the world as whole.

This is what Sanna wants. She wants us to live integrity, honesty, transparency and vulnerability. She wants us to enjoy body and sensuality. She wants us to own this one precious life – chosen from within – beyond conditioning and external programs.

Sanna Sanita

Sanna Sanita

Who is Sanna Sanita?

Sanna has always been driven by a deep curiosity about the depth of life. Already as a child, she felt connected to something bigger than herself. As a teenager, she discovered her multi-sensory capacity for clairvoyance, auditory availability and high sensitivity to subtle energies and realms; something that let to interesting interactions with both the seen and the unseen.

In 1999, only 19 years old, Sanna took her first Reiki course, was initiated in TM (Transcendental Meditation), Ayurveda and yoga, From then on, she has creatively kept discovering the world through traveling, entrepreneurship, education and deepening spiritual and personal development practice.

Embodied Wisdom

Apart from her rich outer explorations, Sanna has walked many paths on the inner journey towards wholeness, authenticity and wisdom. She has seen the dark and the light, the ups and downs. Her own healing journey is her source of compassion and is well integrated in what she shares. Sanna believes in and stands up for embodied wisdom – that we never really know until we have experienced it.

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