Ecozoom Rocket Stoves – the perfect fire – as designed by eco activists

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ecozoom rocket stove

Versatile, super-energy-efficient cooking stove – The Ecozoom

The rocket stove

Back in the 80s eco-activists worked out how to get the maximum energy from a wood fire. The result was the rocket stove.

Perhaps you’ve heard about rocket stoves?  They refine the fire triangle of fuel/heat/oxygen to give a perfect fire, burning up smokey emissions before they escape into the air. This means less fuel is needed, less smoke kicked out and more heat. A ‘rocket’ sound can be heard from the fire, hence the name.

EcoZoom (who originated from those activists) provide rocket cookstoves and maintain a strong focus on the developing world where families rely on expensive charcoal or volatile kerosene for cooking. Many even compete for brushwood fuel, with smoky fires and pots balanced on stones. The efficient, clean-burning rocket effect is a big pull-factor when you spend half your income on cooking fuel!

EcoZooms mission is to distribute clean cookstoves in the third world to slow deforestation rates. But the same stoves are used in the US and Europe to capture the perfect fire.

ecozoom rocket stove 2

A roaring flame achieved with pinecones

Love cooking? Love the outdoors?

In the UK fuel is not a big issue, we seem to have abundant resources. Zoom stoves are used for off-grid recreation, the pleasure of a small fire and the taste factor – food is enhanced by the fuel used to cook it. Some keep a Versa stove handy in case of an emergency power cut, always wise but luckily not common. For the user, safety issues are minimal – the fire chamber is well insulated, and the stove can’t tip in any normal use. Supervised children can learn a lot from safely operating the stove. The main unit sold here is  the Ecozoom Versa which burns multiple natural fuels – versatile, hence the name.

The beauty of a Versa is not having to buy or carry liquid fuel, gas canisters or other fossil fuels. Collect up some dry sticks or pine cones and you’re cooking. The Zoom’s comfortable design and its natural stability allows larger pots to be used and the wood-fired UK chef can get on with the art of outdoor food.

The EcoZoom Versa also burns charcoal, giving a more regular heat and needing less fire supervision – especially compared to a fuel hungry open BBQ wth its short cooking window. Slow cooking is possible, with many possibilities.

Ecohustlers can get a 10% reduction on a zoom stove at using the coupon code ECOZOOM10  which is valid up to Christmas.

Wok and Roll!!

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