Switching Energy to LPG

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Choosing the right energy source for you and your home can be a tough decision. Whether you are a self-confessed eco warrior and want to be greener when it comes to energy use, or a larger household looking to keep your bills down, with a whole range of options available it can be difficult to know where to start.

So why not consider LPG gas as a way of heating your home? More commonly known as propane or butane, chances are you didn’t realise that LP gas is an option for you even if you live off-grid. Read on to find out why LPG is an energy efficient and financially viable option for you.

LPG Storage

If you live off-grid your energy supply will have to be stored safely, regardless of which option you choose. However, some alternatives are easier to use than others. If you are interested in using solar or wind power, remember that this relies heavily on the elements. Not to mention investing in a battery can be costly. While wood is a good way to heat your property, you will also need the storage space and a steady supply to make sure that your home is heated efficiently. Whereas oil might also have been one of the options you were considering, is it really a safe option for your household? Oil tanks are notorious for leaks, not to mention they are a less secure storage option – placing you at risk from fuel thieves. So why not consider LPG? It provides all of the benefits of a gas supply, but without the need to be connected to pipelines. It is incredibly easy to store in a range of tank sizes and other options, some even underground, it is in ready supply and burns cleaner than oil. It also works out cheaper than electricity too – a good option if you are trying to cut your household’s costs.

Energy efficiency

Did you know that LPG is actually an incredibly efficient fuel? Heating your home with an LPG boiler can be around 90 percent more efficient than older gas or oil units. Not to mention that LPG gas provides a good return on the units of energy that you use – good news for your pocket and your energy consumption. Switching to LPG gas UK provides you with a safe and non-toxic way to heat your household.

Peace of mind

Last and by no means least, making a switch that works for you will provide you with instant peace of mind. If you have decided to switch your energy to LPG you can be safe in the knowledge that you have made a decision that not only benefits your family, but will also benefit the environment and your outgoings too. So, if your carbon footprint is currently rather large, and you’re looking to reduce your current energy bills, then switching your energy to LPG gas will make a big difference. So even if you live in the back of beyond, consider LPG as the best energy option for you and your home.