Sacred Geometry Architecture

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Sacred Geometry Architecture for the renovation and reconstruction of your home and the place you work every day

By Heinz Pahl-Kaupp

Your home, your house and your garden in the UK and Europe is mostly not based on Sacred Geometry. This is a missed opportunity. As we will see, there are wide ranging benefits to using The Flower of Life and Fibonacci ratio in your existing house, commercial building or garden.

The Flower of Life supports the removal of blockages, and ensures a renewed unhindered flow of energy. Here’s a small selection of benefits to using Sacred Geometry:

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life

  • Energy balancing (and can lift your spirit)
  • Assists in healing and meditation
  • Harmonizing and stabilizing effects on existing energy fields
  • Energizing and revitalizing effect on food of all kinds
  • Anti-jamming on drinking water and electro-smog (invisible electromagnetic  fields)
  • Relieving stressful situations
  • Improving attitude and the way you are ‘feeling’ and ‘being’
  • Adding structure and harmonization of the building, life and environment
  • Quicker physical and mental health recovery
  • Enriching self-esteem to strengthen confidence

Everybody can achieve these benefits and nobody has to miss the power of the flower.    The Flower of Life is also called the ‘Code of the Genesis’ and ensures perfect divine order. Using this code for your existing building or garden is my passion and it does not matter whether your home or your office, your shop or your workshop is 2 years or 200 years old.

Interior design, furniture, renovation and reconstruction based on Sacred Geometry will lift up your rooms to the benefits I talked about above, at home or at work.

A Fibonacci building designed by Heinz

A Fibonacci building designed by Heinz

The basis to resize the energy and the quality of a place, building, garden public environment is always represented in some very simple steps, how is this possible:

  • (1) Germany ADDbuilding based on SGA

    Extension based on the flower of life

    Analysing the existing structure(s) with the tools of Sacred Geometry

  • Finding out your goals (wishes, hopes, visions and expectations for the future
  • Developing a concept of integration of the ‘existing’ and your ‘goals’
  • Creating solutions (sketches, drawings, images, sculptors …) and descriptions
  • Verifying the solutions or alternatives and coming to decisions
  • Qualification of solutions (priorities, estimations, timing, processes …)
  • Realisation of your ideas for the future in your home, garden or place of work

The range of supporting you in your decisions is very wide and nearly infinite. It supposed to be maybe only 2 hours consultation, an analysis of the existing, help to find your goals, developing some ideas … until a whole concept design and realisation, inclusive project management if wanted.

Fibonacci shop interior designed by Heinz

Fibonacci shop interior designed by Heinz

Yet there are some other arguments to follow our advice : Heinz Pahl-Kaupp has more than 40 years experiences in creating eco-architecture and incorporating in his advice also for example:

  • Applying natural materials and constructions
  • Energy saving and using renewable energies
  • Drinking water and wastewater management
  • Natural ventilation to moderate temperature and air quality
  • Natural lighting and lighting features
  • Holistic interior design, sculptures and water features
  • Ecological renovations and reconstruction / material experiences

And of course it is also all about to make your place, your home and your room you are working every day MORE BEAUTIFUL, ATTRACTIVE and ENJOYABLE with the benefits of Sacred Geometry Architecture.



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