Ecrent – a new platform for renting and sharing

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No surprises for guessing that Climate Change is a problem, a really big problem.

Everyone from Celebrities to Scientists and Organizations spanning Large Conglomerate Businesses to Government Departments are working round the clock to build awareness and more importantly, offer solutions. Deforestation, Pollution, Animal Extinction, Diseases, Soil erosion, Natural disasters …the list is as exhaustive as it is alarming. And Human needs contribute to 95% of these problems via our constant desire for consumption.

Currently, we produce 3.5 billion tonnes of trash yearly that goes into 100 million landfills Worldwide. There’s no one-quick-fix to any of this. But some solutions are more approachable and practical in their implementation than others. So what’s a good plan B to steer us of course from mass suicide?



Sounds underwhelming, doesn’t it?

Except, it isn’t. Think about it. We’re flooded with products in our daily lives – Ipads, phones, Tvs, Cars, Sporting equipment, furniture. Shopping is now not a pastime, but a compulsive obsession that’s satisfied by clicking “BUY” on the screen. In short, we’re out of control.

If all of us made a conscientious effort to RENT instead of BUY when faced with a choice, we’d still be able to go about our lives the way we’re used to and help the planet at the same time. Plus, it actually comes out cheaper in many cases. Many of us live in rented homes, so why can’t we fill those places with rented things too? Again, it’s easy and doable.

There’s another phenomenon taking root in society – the sharing economy. That’s the whole basis of renting actually, just a more socially apt way of putting it across. Millions of people are renting short-term accommodation and taking rides in cars because it turns out to be cheaper and more convenient than owning. It’s working because WE benefit.  Think about it…you’re already part of the sharing economy if you’ve used any of these services.

Now it’s time to step up our game. Want a nice ride but you know that you’re just going to use it on the weekends anyway – RENT.  Bigger Television ? RENT. Want to take up Tennis but not sure about your commitment? RENT Furniture for your new place? RENT.

It’s really easy if one decides to. It’ doesn’t involve a great deal of sacrifice (actually, none at all) and it works out cheaper. Plus, new services from car rides to shared office spaces are popping up everyday, so again, we’re spoilt for choice – but in the right way this time.

One of the new new sharing platforms is – a no frills one stop shop for everything that can be rented. And with over 600,000+ items and growing daily, you can be sure you can find something you need on there. From Hair dryers to Yachts, it really does have something for everyone.

The best part – you can make money on it too. Got something that’s collecting dust in the closet? Bags, dresses, Phones, Laptops – why not rent them out and earn a side income. For an incredibly reasonable fee of $2 – you can upload a pic and description of the item you want to rent and then sit back and wait as people interested in your item contact you directly.

Ecrent doesn’t charge a commission whether you want to rent or have something to rent out and you deal directly with the owner of the item. It’s like craigslist, without the spam.

Basically, to avoid the suicide path of extinction we’re currently on, we can’t just rely on brilliant minds to come up with that miracle cure. It’s possible to save the planet from us, and ourselves from us too … if all of us just put in that little effort.  The next time you’re looking to BUY, just think for an extra second and figure out if you could rent it instead. 99% of the time, we bet you can.  You’ll be saving money and the world by doing it.