The Art Of Beeing – Louis Masai USA mural painting tour

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colour-bee-sml_optThe Art of Beeing is a mural painting tour of the USA by British artist Louis Masai.

With 50% of species heading for extinction by 2050, we’re fast running out of time to act. But, like bees, we can all make a difference. It’s time to come together and help the planet thrive.

Tackling the extinction crisis one wall at a time, Louis will paint over 15 murals of local species under threat. These will appear in 12 cities across nine states in over just two months. All captured on film, with a dedicated website, it is the most ambitious mural project of its kind.

Starting on October 1st, the project is being made possible with the kind support of organisations working towards a more sustainable future. These include Synchronicity Earth, Bioneers, Kabloom, Human Nature, Miami Ad School, and Brooklyn Street Art.

But now you too can join us. With word spreading about the tour, demand for murals is increasing day by day. A number of new walls are now available for Louis to paint. But to do these we need funds. The more cash we have, the more walls we can paint, and more communities benefit. Simple.

The project needs £10,000.

A few pledgers have wanted to acquire several rewards…if this is something that you would like to do…that is perfectly fine, but please make a non reward pledge and message me what you want…i will amend the reward totals to reflect your requiremnts and dispatch accordingly…if you don’t do it this way and make two pledges the first one becomes void…

Help stop the extinction crisis. Help The Art of Beeing reach it’s full potential.

Join us. Together we can put nature first and help the planet thrive.

The Art Of Beeing tour starts on October 1st, which will be a couple of weeks before the Kickstarter crowdfunding ends. This means that there will most likely be a few murals completed by the time that you are reading this. Check out the developments of the tour so far here.

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