Two Apps To Make Your Life Easier

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Technology has grown in numerous ways, most of them making our lives easier. Cell phones especially have become an asset to our lives. The basic phone calls and text messaging are just the beginning. Applications and data services have thrown the population into a whole new way of life. Applications can help us with almost anything. Apps can help if you need motivation for exercise, a way to track your diet, a calendar for important reminders, a way to get better sleep or various other daily tasks. Two challenges we all face nowadays is the struggle to find ethical clothing and upkeep of the house.

We all know fast fashion has a bad impact upon people and the planet. After hearing horror stories about Bangladeshi garment factories burning down – who can buy their threads on the high street? Also, intensive cotton production and factory farming wreak havoc on the environment. What we need it a directory of ecological and ethical fashion brands – enter Brothers We Stand.

Another issue some fall into that can be fixed quickly by use of an app is general upkeep of the household. A general house can still take 2 hours or longer just to do the basics. Some common rules of thumb are to vacuum every other day, dust weekly, clean floors weekly, clean dishes daily and deep clean bathrooms and kitchens weekly. Those acts alone quickly add up depending on the size of the home. When laundry and bedding is added in, it can seem impossible to do alone. Handy has a super user-friendly interface that is quick to navigate through. The professionals service most large markets such as London, Los Angeles, Chicago and more. Pricing is affordable and services can be set up as quickly as next day. Services included are: dusting, mirrors, glass, floors, garbage, wipe down of all bathroom surfaces, wipe down of kitchen surfaces including stove, laundry, and interior windows (just to name a few!) Cost can vary by market, though as an example you can get the NYC cleaning service for 2 hours for just $33. Comparably, that can be as low as half as much as other services.

Once used, users will easily see the value in both of the applications mentioned above. While multiple apps are available to assist in daily activities, the most time consuming activities people do daily are cooking and cleaning. Whether users are a single workaholic with a lot of extracurricular activities, a busy parent who’d like to spend more time with their children, or a travel junkie that seems to always be on the go life will easily be more organized and efficient with the use of these apps.