From Friday the 30th of September to October 2nd 2016, majestic Tyringham Hall will host a unique gathering of inspired, original minds to discuss our pivotal moment in history and our transition out of “the Age of Separation”.

Charles Eisenstein coined the term Age of Separation to describe our challenging times, when advanced conventional economics have led to many of us living atomised lives that are removed from the natural world. In his books (The Ascent of Humanity (2007), Sacred Economics (2011), and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible (2013), he has explored how this separation has come about and how it might end – through a new imagining of who we are and what our purpose on earth might be. Charles said:

‘I’m really looking forward to this event because I get to collaborate with Satish Kumar, one of the wisest people I know, and Rupert Sheldrake, one of the most lucid. Added to the mix is Jill Purce, whom I’ve never worked with before but who seems to me to embody a kind of no-nonsense spirituality and solid presence.’

The Age of Separation has happened against a backdrop of ecological catastrophe and we are now living through the Sixth Mass Extinction Event. Satish Kumar has been a lifelong activist and is famous for, amongst other things, editing the UK’s leading environmental magazine – Resurgence. He has unique insight into the changes we as individuals and in communities should make to advance healthier ways of living and being. Satish’s most recent book Soul, Soil, Society: a New Trinity for our Time (2013) outlines a new vision that can help us return to our natural home – our living biosphere.

Also leading the conversation will be Jill Purce, renowned voice teacher, therapist and author, alongside her partner Rupert Sheldrake, who recently caused ripples by publishing his most recent book The Science Delusion (2012). Their life work and experiences may lead us to understand that change might not be as difficult as some presume and that a new world is closer than we might dare think.

Making full use of the sumptuous facilities at Tyringham Hall, this is not simply a series of talks. This will be a series of intimate discussions and experiential processes designed to enable participants to relate more deeply with the transition that is upon us as we move towards ending the Age of Separation. If we feel a new connection with ourselves, each other and Nature itself, then this is a first step in collectively moving towards a more unified and coherent world.

Numbers to the event are very limited and we anticipate the participation of a wide range of international thinkers and changemakers for what promises to be a nourishing, inspiring and important collective moment. We encourage those feeling the call to book early to avoid disappointment. ‘Charles Eisentein is one of the most important voices on the planet right now,’ says Rory Spowers, Creative Director at Tyringham. ‘We are honoured to be hosting him alongside three other illustrious luminaries who are proactive in this arena. Please join us for this seminal event. The ‘early bird’ discount tickets are only available until 30th August.’