A short Film on Air Pollution in London – Is It Time To Start Giving A Shit?

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Humphrey in 10 years if we don't switch to electric cars now...

Humphrey in 10 years if we don’t switch to electric cars now…

A short film on air pollution. Nothing but the facts, stats and the latest evidence

Humphrey Milles is a regular Londoner. Concerned about pollution in London he took on the challenge of doing some research, finding out more and compiling this killer short video. Some of the facts are astounding, not least, that more people have died in London in the last 18 months then they did throughout the whole of the Great Smog in the 1950s.

He says:

“So I made this very short but hopefully informative film on air pollution. I hope a some of you can spare 4 mins to watch it. We are being failed by government and industry, and I’m fairly bewildered that the 2nd biggest killer in the country (2nd only to smoking of which there is at least some element of choice to) is not at the receiving end of any government awareness raising campaign or more importantly any attempts to do anything about the issue. They are instead actually lobbying the EU to water down regulations on emissions (for which they are being taken to court) and subsidising the industry responsible for using our shared atmosphere as a waste dumping ground – but that is another story. I’ve been very careful to make sure everything contained in this film is accurate so there are definitely no porky pies aimed at making this any more sensational! Only the evidence based on the latest scientific study, historical fact and recent statistics.”

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