How property development in the Middle East is embracing green practices

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Moevenpick-Hotel-Beirut-1170x494Environmentalism is something that tends to be associated with the West, and then with middle-class people, but when it comes to building, the biggest opportunities to do things in a cleaner, greener way lie in regions that are still undergoing rapid development. Incorporating sustainable practice in these areas can do a huge amount to prevent the world’s carbon emissions from growing as a by-product of industrialisation and urbanisation. They can set the standard for a better way of living, and you can be a part of this green evolution.

A sector on the rise

Green development projects need investment, and this is coming from people all over the world. If you look up Fahad Al Rajaan on LinkedIn, you’ll see that his work in association with the Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium has been pushing development right across the region. Getting involved in the sector is not just about promoting eco-friendly action – it can also be highly lucrative. Green buildings are a better investment for buyers. The fact that they’re cheaper to run means they appeal to people at all levels of society. There’s a growing demand for them, making this a very exciting sector in which to invest.

Futureproof investments

Eco-friendly properties have staying power. As more and more of them come on the market, traditional, unimproved properties are going to be increasingly difficult to rent or sell. Green building practices mean that buildings stay in better health for longer, so they require less maintenance, and they’ll maintain their attractiveness over time.

Setting the pace

Leading the charge on green property development are the United Arab Emirates, which have been tackling the issue in two ways – by taking an eco-friendly approach to building new properties as their urban centres grow, and by developing high profile, landmark eco-friendly buildings that push the boundaries of what is possible and raise the prestige of environmentalism worldwide. Private partnerships with standards organisation Green Globe have helped them to become big achievers.

A new economic vision

Green building in the Middle East is not about the property sector alone – it’s part of a wider strategy to adjust economically as we approach the end of the age of fossil fuels. Although it has prospered from the oil boom, the Middle East is not at the forefront of calls to eke out every last barrel regardless of what that does to sea levels. It doesn’t have to be, because it has another big asset: sunshine. Recognising that the future lies in renewables, it has been gearing up its solar industries to ensure that it stays at the forefront of global fuel exports in the decades to come. Making its own buildings better suited to this is just one step.

In a changing world, the Middle East is leading the way. Its ongoing journey to prosperity means that it’s a great place for you to put your money. You can make a healthy profit and help the world change for the better, both at once.