How to use renewable energy to power your underfloor heating

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2015-04-16 04.22.20 pmWith increasingly high energy bills and greater conflict across the oil and gas producing regions of the world, more and more people are looking at renewable energy as a viable alternative to conventional forms of energy.

We all need heat and light

In the 21st century there aren’t many UK homes that don’t have access to heat and light. Though dire warnings about climate change and increased pollution risks have led many families to examine if renewable energy is an efficient and safe way to replace existing heat and light generation for homes and offices. One method of cutting down on fuel costs and simultaneously reducing environmental impacts is to invest in heating products from The Underfloor Heating Store. Rated by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, underfloor heating can ‘achieve energy efficiencies of over 90% and be cheaper to run than radiators.’

Let the sunshine in

Renewable energy is energy that’s generated from resources which are natural. They are cheap, don’t leave a carbon footprint and are increasingly becoming accessible for all. Sun, wind, water and even geothermal heat all come under this heading. Therefore, in the UK, the fact that you can control your underfloor heating via solar panels makes this form of heating highly desirable.

It’s also becoming easier for everyone to get some form of financial help when they wish to adapt their property for renewable energy use. The This is Money website states that, ‘the Renewable Energies Heat Premium Payment gives one-off payments to householders, communities and social housing landlords to help them buy renewable heating technologies like solar thermal panels, heat pumps and biomass boilers.’

Make a start

If you’ve been considering installing underfloor heating and would like to run your new system from solar panels, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead. Panels can be installed on your roof. These PhotoVoltaic (PV) panels will absorb light and convert that light into energy, or DC electricity. This means that you can run your underfloor heating from energy that you have generated from the sun.

If you are lucky enough to generate electricity that’s surplus to your family needs, then you can sell this excess supply to the national grid. There are schemes that will allow you to make money by supplying the grid with electricity that you’ve generated from the sun. The rules are complex, and it’s a good idea to contact the Energy Savings Trust for advice about tariffs.

Pollution is growing

Despite warnings on climate change from the United Nations and other bodies pollution is still growing. Solar energy, coupled with underfloor heating, is a realistic solution to this problem. According to the You Gen blog ‘a 4kw solar PV system can provide enough energy to power an average home – around 3,500kWh per annum.’

Bearing in mind that a well insulated home with underfloor heating already conserves energy, the addition of solar PV panels will only improve a home’s energy efficiency.