No Dash for Gas

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EDF vs No Dash for Gas – The £5 Million Lawsuit Explained in 2 Minutes

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Naomi Klein: “I am no dash for gas!”

No Dash for Gas Solidarity Action – Oxford EDF Recruitment Event

Last October ‘No Dash for Gas’ shut-down and occupied EDF’s West Burton gas-fired power station ‘ for a week. EDF is now suing the activists for £5million for costs it claims to have incurred.

The new ‘dash for gas’ will leave us dependent on a highly polluting and increasingly expensive fossil fuel for decades to come. While energy companies profit, our chances of a secure and sustainable future are slipping away.

Groups across the UK are now standing in solidarity with “No Dash For Gas” and fighting to protect the right to protest.

Support No Dash for Gas – #iamnodashforgas

no dash for gas

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