The Catharsis Project (Get Naked 4 Gaia)

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President Rafael Correa and the government of Ecuador have allowed foreign mineral and oil companies to plan and begin to carry out highly destructive and polluting extraction techniques on millions of acres of pristine forest in the provinces of Morona-Santiago and Zomora-Chinchipe. These projects will cause irreparable damage to huge tracts of virgin Amazon rainforest and violate both Ecuadorian Domestic law and International Human Rights law.

More info: here

This is all happening against the wishes of the indigenous peoples. This is contrary to the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples and contrary to the Ecuadorian Constitution of 2008 which enshrines The Rights of Nature.

This will be destructive and irreversible.

What are we doing?

Making a short film to raise awareness of this issue in the UK and beyond.

We will project images of the area that is under threat onto people’s faces and upper bodies/ white t-shirt. (all tasteful, non-sexual. reference: here)


How can you help?

Lend your support by being a part of this simple film.
You do not have to say anything, just to have a video portrait taken.

Please lend your likeness to this worthy cause!

What do we hope to achieve?

  • To show international support for the Shuar people, the people of Ecuador, the rainforest
  • To encourage President Correa and his government to uphold the 2008 Ecuadorean Constitution enshrining the rights of nature.
  • To ask him to Revoke the license for the Mirador Mine.


We will be filming in Hoxton

Flat 22 Atlantic House
14 Waterson Street
E2 8HH

This Saturday – 26th Jan 2013  11am-6pm

If you can help please get in touch to book a time that suits you between 11am and 6pm or just pop by anytime on the day.
JON – 07736307185
DAN – 07851134565
Please bring people along and forward to any others who you think may be around and interested in helping.

I’m really looking for the broadest range of ages and backgrounds…

With love and gratitude,



Shuar of Equateur by David Ducoin

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