Obligate Symbiosis

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We hear often these days about how we must redefine our relationship with Nature in order to deal with the current crises we face. In order to re-set our value system we must recognize the natural world as something which must be protected, nurtured and savored not abused and destroyed for fool’s gold.

London-based Romanian Filmmaker Eduard Vijulie has taken the idea to a whole new level in his film Obligate Symbiosis. The film explores the potential symbiotic relationship between man and Nature in its extreme; depicting a reality where plants grow on humans, taking in energy from the sun and sharing this with our bodies. A story for our time as we also grapple with both food and energy crises.

Eduard is seeking seed funding to take the film from concept to reality: “Obligate Symbiosis is a subtle metaphor on our need to live in balance with nature. The film will emotionally stimulate the viewer into growing new roots.  Obligate Symbiosis has the power to make people re-think where humans end and nature begins.”



The Director was a highly skilled pick pocket!

The following short film is a quirky endeavor to raise funds and profile for the film. It reveals something very interesting about the filmmakers past. We won’t spoil it; we just recommend you watch.

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