Best Before Official Trailer

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This film was created by Ben Mann, Giuseppe Cioffo, and Chris Atkins with music written by George Bird and narration by Izo FitzRoy.

Best Before, aims at showing how ensuring a fairer, sustainable food system, where people throughout the world have access to healthy food, requires reforming the way we produce, distribute and consume food in the UK- a country at the heart of this unjust and unsustainable food system.

London is the perfect showcase for such a system: a handful of supermarkets dominate the food system, an incredible amount of food is wasted everyday, and fresh, healthy food has become the privilege of the wealthy, while those worse off have only access to low quality, fatty and sugar-rich food.

If you think your projects, the garden or allotment that you grow on, or your ideas, are working in this sense, get in touch!”

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