Wild Partygoers Flock to Rave in Human Zoo

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The abandoned zoo in Ibiza is the site for a primeval reconnection between people and nature as the open-air theme park revs up into frenzy and the crowd howls out their animal urges.

10 years ago the last official resident was rehoused but their feral cousins have been seen inspecting the dance areas from the trees and on occasion venturing into the seething mass of humanity stomping hard to awaken its tribal past.

EcoHustler sent in its top anthropologist to try and make sense of the phenomenon. He hasn’t been heard from since but he sent this message: “cool party… nice jungle cats… more research needed.”

Dressed as animals, or hardly at all, the eager crowd surge in for these notorious daytime parties that ascend to a clawing, atavistic apex. Once the hive-mind is engaged and rhythm-driven there is only one possible outcome: ecstatic union.

The Zoo Project


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