QUESTION: What do Murdoch and Colombian drug cartels have in common?

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ANSWER: both monsters are manufactured out of our insatiable demand for distraction from the daily drudgery of our way of living, which is devastating the natural world, without satisfying our souls.

By Ben Trovato

Rupert Murdoch

The Murdoch media empire came into being in response to our need for sensational distractions from the emptiness of a civilization and culture founded on consumption as the engine of the economic growth designed to fuel the lifestyles of the bankers, politicians and professionals that we have appointed to rule our world.

The Colombian Cartels came into being to satisfy our craving for sensational distractions from the inhuman labor market that provides us with work and the income needed to fuel this consumption.

Both the media and the drug cartels also offer comfort to the unemployed (including ‘illegal aliens,’ one of today’s euphemism for slaves), who provide our system with a pool of ‘reservists’ that can be drawn on if and when it suits the needs of the economic system we have devised to extract the planet’s wealth and transform it into toxic tat.

From time to time our society goes through an agonizing mass debate, and we indulge in a national writhe-in and transfer our shared culpability onto individuals, in the same way that our ancestors designated witches to absorb the wrath that we should visit on our own giddy selves.

Jack Kennedy and mob boss Sam Giancana were as thick as thieves; Giulio Andreotti the Mafia worked hand-in-glove; Charles Pasqua gorged himself at the UN’s oil-for-food trough…so it is both cute and quaint to see the contortions Britons make when they poke their voyeuristic noses into the fecal friendships linking Number 10, New Scotland Yard and the British mass-media.

Vicente Zambada of the Sinaloa cartel

The News of the World was to the fourth estate what crack is to drugs – cheap, addictive and effective. Naturally, this combination makes it an ideal drug for the underclass. The Times is comparable to the hydrochloride salt form which is 99 percent pure and the preferred peccadillo of hedge-fund managers and other pig-swinging pricks.

The truth is that not only do we get the leaders we deserve, we also get the media we want. The Italians evidently got both for the price of one, whereas the French and British prefer to pretend that a symbiotic relationship between the two doesn’t exist.

The truth is that our headlong rush towards global self-destruction is made possible, in part, by the selfless work of the Colombian Cartels, and the Murdoch media empire.

Let us give credit where credit is due even while we turn The News at Ten into reality TV.


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