Flash mob 4 fresh air

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[Find out what happened: Fresh Air Flash Mob Debrief here]

She is coming to the fresh air flash mob

  • Are you tired of breathing in the same toxic fumes every day?
  • Are you concerned that over 4,000 deaths in London each year are attributed to poor air quality?
  • Would you like to see london’s road space reallocated away from the private car towards more positive public use like: urban farms, activity zones for young people, more space for culture and the arts, more trees and increasing pedestrianization and bike lanes?

If YES join Climate Rush and friends in Soho Square on Wednesday, July 13th 6:30pm – 9:30pm for ROADBLOCK – We’re all gonna die!!! Full event info here.


Sound track for the fresh air flash mob

EcoHustler is bringing down a sound system on the back of a bike. What is some relevant tunage for the event? Some  options are below. Lets us know your other ideas and bring your ipod!

More info

  • The Solution to Pollution here
  • Facts from: CityAir: City of London air quality campaign here
  • Over 4,000 deaths in London each year are attributed to poor air quality
  • Long-term exposure to poor air quality contributes to the premature death of around 29,000 people each year in the UK
  • The effects on mortality are worse than passive smoking
  • Vulnerable people could have their lives cut short by 9 years
  • The lung capacity of 8 and 9 year-olds in Tower Hamlets is 5% lower than the national average
  • The economic cost of the health impact in the UK is estimated to be £15 billion

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