The Best Restaurant in London

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I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals….

~Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854

If I said to you that I knew a place in london where you can eat as much good food as you want for £4.50, and that it was a fully ethical (including eco) option, you would think I was fantasising. Well I’m not… It exists!

Indian Veg is an oasis in London. This place was not created to take your money. The whole establishment is a propaganda machine designed to convert you to vegetarianism. Luckily, the main tool in their campaigning arsenal, is the premise that if you give people good, healthy, very tasty vegetarian food; they will choose to eat it.

EcoHustler fuels up on a light lunch. Note delicious crispy onion on top

The Boss Man unloads some goods

The all-you-can eat buffet costs only £4.50. I probably couldn’t fill myself up on healthy food this cheaply if I bought it in a market… and it certainly wouldn’t taste as good. Despite the fact that I am a conscientious omnivore I have been going for many years and currently eat there at least twice a week for lunch (I work near by). If I ever feel like I have hit my meat quota one week, or if I screwed up and ate an industrially farmed animal (a drunken pit stop maybe) I can come here for a meal to atone and leave feeling healthier and slightly redeemed. This probably is not exactly how the karmic wheel works, but ignorance is bliss.


Diners hit the buffet

The whole place is a shrine to vegetarianism. The walls are covered in posters saying things like ‘vegetarians keep it up for longer’. There are many photos and quotes of the famous and beautiful people who thrive on veggies alone. Many have eaten in the restaurant. Myleen Class grins out from a poster from a visit before her M & S salad years. The propaganda is all good natured and with a funny and sexy twist. You may well bump into activisty types, for example, a crew from Greenpeace (which is just around the corner) often swing by, but equally, there are always diverse people from the local community who have come to love their neighbourhood treasure. This is a true gem in London and has to be seen (and tasted) to be believed!

92-93 Chapel Market, N1 9EX.
Tel 020 7837 4607 (tube: Angel)

Indian Veg is reviewed in the Independent here

Vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our nature. If the whole world adopts vegetarianism, it can change the destiny of humankind.
Albert Einstein

The Best Restaurant in London


Myleen loves Indian Veg and all those who eat there

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