Love Trees Toolkit

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Memo: we came from the trees. We cannot live without the trees. What we do to the trees and to our planet… we do to ourselves! To save the biosphere (which is us) we must learn to love the trees again, like our ancestors did.

Let’s stop degrading trees in cities by hanging signs on them that read: ‘low hanging’. Instead use this toolkit to make it read. Love Trees… much better!


  • Print out this PDF of giant letter ‘e’s: Big E for love tree toolkit
  • Cut them into squares
  • Cycle around your city looking for ‘low hanging’ tree signs
  • Use a low impact glue to stick the ‘e’ over the edge of the ‘w’
  • Ride on smiling

More info:

  • Great article: All you need is love to protect the natural world here
  • Deep ecology information here

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