Breaking News: International Sex Scandal at COP 16

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Shocking news just in: nations of the world are sending their wankiest people to Cancun after word got out that it is just going to be a giant international circle-jerk. Last year leaders of the free world gathered in Copenhagen for COP 15 but decided, at the last-minute, not to bother with a global treaty to protect: the natural world we depend on, our children or their future descendants. So this year… the gloves are off!

In a desperate last-minute bid for alien intervention to save us from the evil alliance of perverted-banker-greed and slimey-politician-scum good citizens of the world (  are coming together to create giant symbols to grab the attention of passing alien vessels. Maybe a more advanced civilisation can point out that nature needs the bailout out not a pathological economy founded on consuming our planet.

350 eARTh Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic

350 eARTh – Solar Eagle, Los Angeles

350 eARTh Mexico City

350 eARTh – Delta del Ebro, Spain

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