A Critical Mass of dissent… on wheels

Critical Mass, June 2010, London

On the last Friday of every month something strange, spontaneous and only here spectacular happens on the streets of central London. The roads are congested (as always) however; they are not filled with big, heavy, dangerous machines that spew out poison gas. They are filled with cycle fanatics who insist on propelling themselves around the place under their own steam; powered by whatever they last ate. This is Critical Mass and it’s a wonderful improvement to indian generic cialis the city.

The rendez-vous

Meeting on the South Bank

For a brief time this enthusiastic, motley assortment of London residents join together to reclaim the streets and celebrate their freedom of movement. The giant mobile herd is diverse composed of people of all shapes, sizes, colours and affluence; bound together by the herbal levitra shared love of self propulsion.

This melange of only today misfits meets up on the South Bank at 18.30. The air is buzzing with excitement as friends reunite. Beers are cracked open, bikes admired and tales of surviving on the mean streets of London traded.

Riders crossing the Thames

Soon the crowd swells like water behind a damn and the air is filled with the dinging of bells. Anticipation gives way to urgency and the cracks in the damn start appearing as the first brave riders head up the cialis online shop ramp to the Imax cinema roundabout and canadian drugs cialis off into the heart of the city. The hive-mind has been engaged and without an agreed route or leader the peloton surges forth to find its way to an unknown destination.


A mobile sound system

Once beyond the safety of the South Bank you find yourself on roads which have had their ownership seized by the sinister Cult of the Car. So powerful is this cult that the membership is utterly convinced, despite all the evidence that it is reasonable to sit in giant polluting snakes of mechanized metal along the cialis sales online arteries that traverse our giant human beehives. They have suspended rational thought to the point that they cannot see the obvious truth that cars and cities don’t go. Like square pegs and round holes, metal and microwaves and turds in swimming pools.


By invidious means the perverse, sociopathic behaviour of these cultists has been normalized so that London is now permanently shrouded in a haze of pollution and buy cialis pills death on London’s roads is an accepted part of city life (4000 deaths by air pollution, 184 deaths by traffic collisions in 2009, 3043 serious injuries). This is the price we are all supposed to cialis low priced pay for the mythical individual convenience that leaps out from billboards but never comes close to manifesting in a city where millions of people are compelled to share limited space and dosage cialis move about each other in some kind of harmonious diurnal cycle.

It’s fun for kids

Maybe it’s a power thing, maybe it’s a class thing or maybe it’s the myopic and inapt conflation of technology with progress. Whatever it is, car drivers are convinced the road is theirs as if cars always existed and always will. Car drivers naturally assume that they always have priority over cyclists. So when drivers have to wait as a giant swarm of happy riders surges by in front of pfizer cialis 50mg their over-engineered wheelchairs they literally start having a nervous breakdown. They froth at the mouth, throw their rattle out of their motorized prams, bang their neo-luddite skulls against the turtlefiji.com steering wheel and curse the unjust laws that prevent them from teaching us once and for all that cars are mightier by driving through us in a glorious eruption of fossil-power.


They scream out of their windows that they are trying to get somewhere and how dare we be so inconsiderate as to hold them up. They might think we would care but they are speaking to the wrong audience… big time.

There is not a single person on this ride that doesn’t have to daily put up with the gross imposition of the car. Day after day we breathe in their fumes, wait as they block up huge sections of the city and weep as they kill our friends. Day after day we peer into the windows of cars filled with solitary occupants and arcray.net try to only today comprehend how the system screwed up their weak little minds so badly that they think this offensive behaviour is okay. They are crapping in the swimming pool daily and like thieving MPs they say it is okay because it is not against the law. For once they can wait. The bikes are biting back.

Negotiating road space allocation

It might not seem like much; but  it is. This is the sharp edge of the wedge of www.bccom-bc.com growing dissatisfaction against the tyranny of cars in cities. For one evening a month, for a couple of hours, we take control of the streets. For a fleeting moment in time we can cycle in safety surrounded by friends and music. We can see the city as it could be…. as it should be. Open and flowing, alive not dead and when the critical mass of dissent is reached; our cities will return to being car free.

This is what cities in the future will be like; and the happy and healthy residents of these cities will remember these pioneer cyclists who took a stand for something they believed in, against seemingly insurmountable odds, and raise a glass to them.

Makes you think… dunnit!

More photos from Critical Mass:

Not all the pedestrians are 100% supportive

Father and son

Die hards


Explaining the new rules of the road


Who’s bike you looking at bitch?

The ride home

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3 Responses to A Critical Mass of dissent… on wheels

  1. dave October 15, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    hi, i am thinking of usefull link joining critical mass, but i am a little confused about the requirements. It seems to me that the whole idea of CM is to visit web site protest against the pollution caused by vehicles, and to reclaim the streets for themselves? If that is the case, and i do join, does that mean that i have to change my whole way of life, and my whole lifestyle, to avoid being labelled a hypocrite?

    You see, if i am going to complain about the number of drivers on the streets, then surely i should ensure that i dont, for example, eat any meat (since the food is transported on lorries around the country), or that i dont buy any clothes (since clothes are transported around the country to retailers by road of course), or that i dont use any modern appliances (since modern appliances are all taken around the country by road of course), or that i never buy any drinks or food from a pub (since pub grub is, yep youve guessed it, brought in by lorry), or indeed that i dont buy any goods from my local newsagents (yep, once again youve guessed it – their deliveries all come from vans using the ROAD!)

    Of course, i could go on and list hundreds more examples of everyday things that we ALL rely on ROADS and vehicles for.

    It seems to me that CM are only interested in protesting against people who are using cars when it is CONVENIENT for CM members to protest (i.e. when they are not personally, yet indirectly, benefitting from the karimnoureldin.net road system!) Not when they go into the newsagent in the morning to pick up their newspaper (delivered by a van, or lorry driver, of course!) If CM members were to completely and TOTALLY change their WHOLE lifestyles so that they didnt rely on the road systems AT ALL, then i would understand their point of view. But no, ive yet to visit our site meet any of http://ben-smith.net/generic-levitra-cheap them who have done that! They all have their jolly cycle ride, inconveniencing people who just happen to be using the road system at that moment in time, and then where do most of them go? Down the pub to drink the drink that was lorried in by ROAD!

    If you truly want to get rid off all cars and lorries etc that use the roads, then you have to go right back to basics. The fact is that there are too many people being born these days, and the only way to service all of those people is with the use of a road strutcture and transportation. For example, how would you get your disabled mother to hospital for a life-saving op? Chuck her on the back of your bike? Its rediculous. Only when the world cuts back big time on the amount of people being born, and therefore needing to be looked after and catered for, can we ever seriously consider getting rid of cars, lorries, trucks etc.

    Until then, please do everybody a favor and stop holding everybody up only when it personally suits you, cos its extremely hypocritical.


  2. admin October 17, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    HI There Andrew,

    with a return to local agriculture and manufacture we can shift a way from requiring to haul everything long distance.

    Roads existed for a long time before the internal combustion engine. we do need to reduce total road area but we also need to reallocate road space away from the personal car. this is because of viagra 20 congestion, pollution and climate change.

    come down one friday and check it out. I think you may change your mind.


  3. Sam S November 3, 2013 at 9:02 am #

    Apologies for hijacking this blog, but I’m trying to reach all Critical Mass enthusiasts as I believe they will strongly agree with my petition.

    Please could you promote my Avaaz petition to have warning signs like on tobacco products put on cars interior and wow look it exterior.


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